Little have we realized that the Lord Jesus trained His twelve disciples for this gathering in of the first fruit of the harvest of souls. We see in the New Testament we have references to the first fruit. Such of course trails back to the three Feasts of Israel, one being Pentecost. It was the earnest pledge of the entire harvest of souls, particularly Gentiles that were to be gathered in by the Lord through his servants. The Hebrew believers were dealt with differently. Theirs was a different place in the plan of God. But the Gentiles! Oh, there always was a special design by God for Gentiles. Abraham was given the promise that all nations of the world would be blessed – a small one being Israel with just a remnant and a sprinkling compared to the great Gentile harvest planned by the Lord. The harvest of first fruits in the natural is the best. The first fruits are the fatness as recorded in Numbers. This was the type. The actuality of the harvest meant the whole crop of Gentiles to be brought in was sanctified – set apart for the Lord Jesus. This is a most startling and amazing truth to know. WARNING FOR US NOW; 26.3.2018 Scientists say we are now 2 minutes to midnight, till Doomsday, due to around sixteen countries withdrawing their diplomats from Russia. They want war. Russia does not but will defend herself with the overcoming retaliation armor she has. Prepare to meet your God should be our motto. Nuclear. Is this the end of the world, 2 Peter 3, elements melting with fervent heat? Or Luke 21, where a few verses only relate to the End time. There it says some Christians will fall. But there will be those who look to the Lamb, as they are blood bought, and the Lord comes in His second coming, to forever with the Lord, in immortal bodies like His glorious body. #Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes

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