Andrew, St. Andrew, Blessed Andrew – the first one of he twelve to ‘find’ the Christ. Andrew is well known to the Eastern Orthodox Churches. Sadly, his story, history and long toils have been lost to the Western Churches. It seems to be a deliberate, well-organized and effective ruse of Satan to keep is in such ignorance. Andrew even went to Scotland, according to the telling of a certain class of Scots. He is revered there today as well as in many countries of Eastern Europe. I am so glad to have discovered the long lost story and books in English of this peer of fishers of men. The account of Andrew i our Gospels is somewhat brief and not to be compared with what was accomplished by Jesus Christ in this saint of the Lord Jesus, Andrew. Let us thrill at what we are going to discover in three videos. You will want to listen over and over, so absorbingly fascinating are the true events in his life. I have read about Philip, Thomas, Paul, Thecla, John and others that should have been in the Canon but were removed as have been dozens. Did you know this? We have much in a previous video if you search for Laodicea, A.D. 328. Satan and the his emissaries, the Judaizers, put most of us to sleep. Praise the Lord we can present these three videos with the absolutely astounding truths. There are reasons as to the amazing miracles the Lord Jesus did through His twelve disciples, minus Judas Iscariot and including Mathias. Their task and performance was far greater than that of Paul’s. Paul became the Apostle to the Gentiles but we see that the twelve and particularly Andrew, saw, experience and were used by Christ to the Gentiles far, far more marvelously. The Gentiles were black, brown and white. The Scriptures we have disclose how, why and wherefore in their ministries. So watch, my brother, sister and be filled with worship to Jesus and awe, wonder, astonishment and glory at His Mighty acts through them. And at Andrew himself – and others if you would investigate it all. The Council of Laodicea in A.D. 328 saw 22 books removed from the N.T. Canon and 19 from the O.T. All on the whim of men who were not godly enough to follow truth. WARNING FOR US NOW; 26.3.2018 Scientists say we are now 2 minutes to midnight, till Doomsday, due to around sixteen countries withdrawing their diplomats from Russia. They want war. Russia does not but will defend herself with the overcoming retaliation armor she has. Prepare to meet your God should be our motto. Nuclear. Is this the end of the world, 2 Peter 3, elements melting with fervent heat? Or Luke 21, where a few verses only relate to the End time. There it says some Christians will fall. But there will be those who look to the Lamb, as they are blood bought, and the Lord comes in His second coming, to forever with the Lord, in immortal bodies like His glorious body. #Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes

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