May I say publicly. I have read first KJV from age eight. Studied seriously Bible first KJV then later many translations, and all Bible subjects and varied doctrines since age fifteen. Age fifteen I studied End Times agreeing with basics of that taught, albeit wrongly, still taught among 99% of today’s churches. And studiefd seriously. I have preached and taught starting small way age twelve. Gospel, from age fifteen. Been in pastoring, teaching, Assembloes of God. for twenty years, before resigning. Was reared in early Pentecost from babyhood.. Resigned 1969 from A.O.G. beause Lord Jesus said to. Among thirteen nations for forty eight years. Reached hundreds of thousands. It has taken all of those years to get to where I am now – knowing and preaching as much Truth as I can. Do you not think it possible I could have it? I have spent many hundreds of hours over the years with praying in the Holy Ghost. Yes, prsise the Lord it is so. I know I teach the Truth now. This also with Holy Ghost gifts of Words of Wisdom and Knowledge. For on 50 years I have known the errors of Rapture and Millennium and began to write on it then. I followed End time for a while but just mentally, as I took hold of the spiritual part that Jesus was coming again to take us to heaven. I have never taught or preahed on End Time All the prophecies regarding clear ones about the Messiah or the Anointed, and mostly by prophecies beginning with Moses until Malachi, are explained clearly in the book of Daniel. He was told by the Angel what would happen entirely to the nation of Israel. It was explained to Daniel by the Angel the meaning of what he was given. Therefore the book of Daniel holds all of the others together. If we really want to know the meaning of the Old Testament prohecies, go to Daniel. However, the fulfilment of all of those prophecies of the Old Testament are clarified entirely by ther Lord Jesus Christ in the four Gospels. He relates all we need to know about Himself. He tells us as prophecy all we need to know about Israel, scattered a little throughout the four gospels but mainly directly and clearly in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13. Dare we disregard the words of Jesus? Sadly, hundreds of millions of people who call themselves Christians, do so. They either refute them, disbelieve them or change the words and meanings. Let us listen to Jesus alone. #Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes

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