The miracles and wonders, signs following he did are incomparable. Surely there was none used as he by Jesus to this day. Some of these wonders are mentioned herein. Everything recorded in the Acts of Andrew are conformable to our Canon of scriptures. Everything – even the consumption of human flesh and blood by a population – who later were healed, and became followers of this Jesus. We look at the Children of Israel in the O.T. They continuously offered up their children – in the body – as sacrifices to the god Moloch. He was a huge god with an opening in his belly in which fire roared. The parents would throw their screaming infant in to the inferno as a sacrifice. How gruesome was that that Israel did for many a year. And visits by Jesus from heaven! Did he not say to His disciples ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you” which was indeed said to them and basically not to us as we were not there to hear it. O.K. We read it and take it for ourselves but in a kind of a weak manner of Jesus being with us just there, somewhere, never seen and whose voice is not heard. Not so with these disciples. Jesus came from heaven on occasions and was with them maybe days at a time. These Lost books of the Bible tell truth. We were in India for years, and climbed 120 stairs up St. Thomas Mount, Chennai to the small Roman Catholic Chapel at the top where Thomas was martyred by the Brahmins we were told. I have preached in a church in Nagercoil, belonging to a people who descended either physically or spiritual from Thomas as he converted from A.D.52 , Brahmins and started churches. The one we were in was called ‘the half’ church. One woman told me in one of my meetings she was descended from the original converts. Thomas is recorded as having done miracles even concerning Jews there. We are concentrating on Andrew. You will thrill if you take the time to hear this video. #Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes

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