There is no classification for a person as the anti-christ in the Old Testament. Neither is there any anti-christ as such in the New Testament.┬áIt is all a made up theory. If you read the correct translation of 2 Thessalonians you will understand. There are many people who are anti-christ. All those people even today who say Jesus did not come in the flesh already. Those people are working for a person to come from heaven in the flesh to Jerusalem. They are all anti-christs, they are against the true Messiah who has come as the baby Jesus. Jesus was God manifest in the flesh. Do you follow these kind of people? They are not the people of God. John makes it clear in his epistles. What about Messianic people? They would deny Him. It is time so called Christians did not affiliate with such people – even those television evangelists who do not preach the truth. The Bible speaks clearly in this video.#Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes

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