Timothy was warned against ‘Fallen Spirits’ such coming from the Fallen Angels of Genesis 6. We were never taught these matters in our churches. Thereore, we have to look into them ourselves. I quote from Source New Testament and its notes that are the finest one could ever hope for. And I myself for a ife-time, have looked at the notes on all of our translations that come from the KJV. Paul warned against following fables, myths (KJV) or fiction. This is Gnostic and Judaic. This fiction is based on the story of old in the Kabbalah as to the Feminine in creaton. For example, there was Shekinah. Books of scholarship inform us of these matters and our scholars should know them. If they do, they keep it hidden from our gaze and understanding. There is the story as to Adam and Eve in creation, which I have read. Paul warned Timothy against young widows in the assemblies. They were ‘gossipng’ KJV but there is a far deeper implication. He was speaking to Timothy in warning, about those widows who gained knowledge by supernatural means. They followed magic, which involed the writing of knowledge of the future which we Christians should know is forbidden in the Old Testament. It is called Neocremancy. It is demonic. Paul says the widows /were gosspiting and gaining knowledge by supernatural (demoni) means’. They were beguiled by divination. This all came from the Judaism of the times of the Pharisees in captiity in Babylon, that was verbal, but Jesus harshly condemned it. It existed among the Hebrews until the Fall of Jerusalem. It exists in ‘the last days’ which many believe could touch us personally. It exists today through another class of people. So Paul did give even us, warning.#Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes


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