Jesus at the Last Supper, never did introduce a Church Ordinance, as most if not all denominations to declare there is one In Luke 22, we see He said to His disciples that He would not eat of a Passover again until it is fulfillewd in the kingdom of God. He is never at any communioin service today, eating with any one. He will never eat with His redeemed in heaven, during a falsely taught seven years up there at a supposed Marriage Feast. Naturally eating? The believed End Time doctrines are all wrong and come from Crypto Jesuits and John Nelson Darby. Not from the Scriptures. Never more was there to be a ceremonial way by any believers, was Jesus’ import. It was to be fulfilled spiritually in depth in heaven There only two branches of Christianity where the above is understood and pursued. The Salvation Army and the Quakers and today the Salvation Army maintains that scriptural polict introduced by General Booth all of those years ago. Our other ‘denominations’ all dismiss the fact that Jesus did not install an Ordination of such into any group of His followers.#BibleStudy #Christian #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #Teaching #wordofgod

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