Is there a connection between healing for us today and the pool of Siloam? We can discover yes or no.Do we need healing in our bodies? Will Jesus heal us today? Is healing for sickness in the atonement? That last question is answered with a “No’. Isaiah 53: is quoted in the lips of very many: ‘By His stripes we are healed”. We should ask ourselves the question – ‘From what did He heal us’. Verses 10,11,12 of Isaiah 53 provide the answer. The Pentecostals (I being one) never did have the correct answer. Isaiah Himself has given us the answer and he never did think the atonement included healing from sicknesses. What He said and wrote shows his undertanding: The Lord also is pleased also to purge him from his stroke. If you can give an offering for sin your soul shall see a long-lived seed. The Lord also is pleased to take away from the travail of his soul, to show him light, and to form him with understanding to justify the just one who serves many well; and he shall bear their sins. v12. ‘ ..he was numbered among the transgressors, and he bore the sins of many, and was delivered because of their iniquities’. LXX2012. It has nothing to do with sicknesses. We are proving in these videos that Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, is the Healer of our sicknesses and diseases as He showed Himself to be in His minisry on earth.#BibleStudy #Jews #Christian #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #Teaching #wordofgod

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