James, the Apostle in the Jerusalem Hebrew Church (we wrongly call Jewish) gives an astounding Holy Spirit inspired way for physical healing in the Assembly.He first of all upbraids many of the members, if not all, for their treatment of each other. They were quarrelling and fighting each other. He says it is demonic. He brings them to task for giving importance to the rich ones among them. After all, he says, the rich defraud the poor. Is this not world-wide even in our churches, today? They defraud the poor of proper wages. They refrain from sharing their wealth with the poor members, who ever they are and where ever they dwell. The rich had come to a time, that would have been ‘the last days’ of Israel before Jerusalem fell. Their wealth had eroded and their clothes become moth-eaten. They had been consumed with the attitude ‘We will live life to the fullest’. He says the gold and silver had eroded and would ‘eat their flesh like fire’. They had the sttitude ‘The Lord is for me so what can men do to me?’ This was most false. Indeed, they did lose their wealth in Palestine, at the latest by A.D.69 when the last of them fled to Pella and the mountains. This all still applies to us. Perhaps we are all guilty of it in some way. Then he becomes concerned with the sick and afflicted among them. It is astounding. He first of all tells them to quit blaming each other. Call for the elders he says. These elders would have been pastor-teachers, or even apostles, such as Peter. He delares ‘the prayer of faith will rescue the person and that the Lord will raise “the sick person’ up. If the person had committd sins they would be forgiven and this is most wonderful and astounding. Not only sicknesses but sins also. The whole assembly had sinned. This meant any of them would have their sins forgiven and their bodies healed. Those sinners! Oil was to be applied and I believe it was not natural oil but rather, the oil of the Spirit. In other words, the prayers were to be filled with the oil the Spirit gives. It is Sprit-ual. He gives an example of Elijah and his faith. They in that assembly could have such faith. You and I and our assemblies, if led according to the Book of James, can experience similarly. In the early days of the Pentecostal outpouring, until around A.D.35 or so, it was the custom where I was, for there to be prayer for the sick in the meetings in accordance with the prayer of faith. However, no one seemed then or even today, to understand the Book of James. I certainly did not for many a year – until now. The Lord bless you with His forgiving ad healing power.#BibleStudy #Jews #Christian #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #Teaching #wordofgod

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