You might think it strange to have a video of this nature. In some countries even today, ‘Hallelujah’ features most strongly in Pastors’ sermons and more so in prayers. Let us be knowledgable of the fact that it means, ‘Praise to Jehovah’ or ‘Praise to Jah’. Jehovah/Jah is really the Tetratrammaton, YHWH, being the name of a goddess/god of Egypt. It is used today in the witchcraft of the Tarot Game, a card with YHWH on it; It is used 6519 times in the King James Version and most other versions in English. We were taught it was so sacred, the Israelites would not say it and so it was replaced in our Bibles by LORD, meaning Jehovah. The truth is it is not to be found in the Septuagint, which is the most correct translation of the Old Testament, we have in English. Instead, we find the true name of the GOD (not G-d) of Israel, the LORD and the I AM THAT I Am. Old Pentecostals would sayd Hallelujahs for hours to be filled with the Spirit. I did as one, for three years, incessarntly. Not filled with the Spirit. Seemingly anointed. I believe I brought curses on mysel – your average good Pentecostal believer of those days! Mose were not like me in this, praise the Lord for that. We must know the truth of Hallelujah. We should alwasy say, ‘Praise the LORD’ not using the LORD that replaces Jehovah, JHWH. Those Pharisees and others who were in Babylon in captivity took on totally, pagan Babylonian religion instead of the truths of the Old Testament. Jesus called them ‘Traditions of Men’ and condemned both the Pharisee and the Traditions. So should we. #BibleStudy #Jews #Christian #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #Teaching #wordofgod

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