Only pharisses are born again

The Billy Graham Crusade seemed to propagate throughout churches a
message of ‘You must be born again’. So the counsellors were taught
such and among about one hundred Anglican Priests in Sydney, there was
an awakening to such a term and most of them got ‘born again’.
Graham of course when one considers his preaching, did not preach
the true gospel message of salvation from sin and being redeemed by the
blood of Christ. Rather, it was a message from one of those of his
faith whose main tenet was, you are degenerate and then become
regenerate totally. As regenerate you have the capacity to act
according to a righteous Law. A thirty-degree Mason would never preach

We were all affected.
Then we would hear from worldly singers ‘I am a born-again Christian’.
It turns out there is no such thing as a ‘born-again Christian’.
I have been awakened to the truth of John 3. Once in Nagercoil, India,
a Pastor friend, Pastor Ruban Thanasingh and also Pastor Sugunaraj,
questioned me as to the meaning of unless…..’you cannot see the
Kingdom of God’. I answered the ‘see’ with a correct view as I look back.
However, as to the real import of John 3, I along with all others in
churches never did understand Jesus was speaking specifically to a
Pharisee and all Pharisees.
Now I present the truth in this video.
Believers in Christ never become such by being born again. For
believers in Christ, we never did and never would experience ‘I was born
again’. Yet we believe we see the Kingdom of God. Indeed, that part of
Chapter 3 is somewhat only a small portion with a view we hold a little
We were never born again. I have never been born again, yet I am a
believer in Christ, have been saved, have been translated out of the
kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. My sins are washed away
in the blood of Jesus. I am a member of the household of God, a member
of His family. I am a child of God. I have eternal life.
Oh, this is startling indeed! Yes, it is, particularly as we all
followed wrong exegesis of Scripture. Worse than that, it was and is a
demonic doctrine, a doctrine of demons. Inflicted upon us all by
non-discerning preachers and authors. And by the words of some hymns.
‘A ruler once came to Jesus by night – ye must be born again’!
We all need to know the truth. Here it is in this video. And of course
there were never were any Pharisees who did become ‘born again’.
Jesus was showing the contrast between the beliefs of the Pharisees that
being born from Abraham as they were, ensured they were right in their
doctrine. Nicodemus was thinking of the natural realm when he queried ;
‘How can one go back into one’s mother womb and be born again?’ Jesus
emphasized the truth, that there had to be a birth from above, a birth
from the Spirit – not a birth as a descendant of Abraham.
That was the natural realm. Jesus came to bring a life that was new and
in the spiritual and heavenly realm. Both were different, one from the
other. #BibleStudy #Jews #Christian #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #Teaching #wordofgod

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