Many martyrs have been the subject of Isis atrocities in Syria, Iraq, Kurds. This link shows what many martyrs in the early churches of the Roman Empires experienced: This link will show you the horrors of those facing martyrdom through the Roman Games: http://www.livescience.com/53615-horr… Zechariah says we shall be as David in the House of the Lord. He was speaking of the Gospel Age in which we are – until Jesus comes. Many love a challenge in life. There is none greater than this – that in the house of our God and in our spiritual lives we become like David of old. He was king, anointed, loved by God, a warrior, a general in the army, a poet, a musician, a sweet singer. The list extends. He loved the house of the Lord more than being among the unbelievers. He meditated on the Lord, the Spirit of God spoke by him, the word of the Lord was in his tongue. He showed faith, dwelt in the secret place of God, was a sheep followed His Lord Shepherd, our Christ. The word of God was sweeter to him than honey in the comb. He carried godly traits, had mercy on his human enemies such as Saul but showed only hatred and no mercy to the huge giants in the way, the evil ones like Goliath who was a descendant of the wicked giants in the land as recorded in Genesis 6 – ‘There were giants in the land in those days’. By faith and five little stones with his sling, ping went a stone in the forehead of Goliath, where his armor was ineffective and it did not extend to that part of his face. Be a David because there are already many such with more to come. Faced with difficulties, besetting sins, problems in college or with careers, in marriage, whereever, we are to be as David. What of the attack on the church of Jesus Christ? This maybe unknown to many. They see not the evil invisible and supernatural forces allied against her, and specially those who are in the chosen Bride of Christ. They are the faithful in Christ Jesus until the end. Satan would trip us all. We are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us. David had many natural battles which he won with the help of the Lord of Hosts. We are not in war as he was. He was of the natural Israel. We are of the spiritual and heavenly Israel. What God did for Him in his natural situation as Kingj He will ore than do for us who have been made kings and priests to our God. David was builder of the Tabernacle of David with its natural music, song and dance often inspired by the Spirit. That tabernacle long gone. ‘booth’ or house of David has been re-instituted and reformed by Jesus Christ who has rebuilt it. Now it has become the spiritual House of God, that new nation, that heavenly people – the new Israel of God, His precious redeemed saints. We are as David, conquering in our lives, our earthly situations and more particularly in our spiritual or heavenly based experiences over Satan and all of the forces of darkness. More than c’s Goliath .was one of the giants mentioned in Genesis 6, whose descendants in spiritual form are in our world today. The fight is on. The trumpet sounds. Do battle and win.

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