The story is told of Reinhart Bonnke how he raised a man from the dead after some days. In our day! The occurrences of miracles with the Apostles would have been greater as they walked with Jesus for three years and after His ascension continued to walk with Jesus. They were continually filled with the Holy Spirit. I myself have seen two children of different ages and illnesses, raised out of death. One in a meeting and the other as parents brought the 10 year old to where I was, placing her on the floor, already in death. So she was restored to living in the Name of Jesus. Often, those at death’s door were brought to life. Once, a Muslim man, quite tall unusually for Indonesians, lay on the floor about to expire. My husband was called to pray. Twenty seven Muslims stood around. He prayed to the Lord privately, ‘Lord we will have to do this in two parts’ (he told me). He said ‘In Jesus’ Name, sit up”. The man sat up. He then said’ ‘In Jesus’ name, stand up’. He did, healed. That day, those Muslims found Christ and started a church there. Once I myself in that country saw most of the people in the meeting filled with the Holy Ghost – there being churches without the Holy Ghost all over that country. Towards the end of the meeting, a few Muslim men were brought to the platform. They knelt there, hands outstretched as they had been accustomed to doing at the Mosques. I said to my translator, ‘Have them stand. Say to them that when I lay hands on them they are to speak in other tongues’ – this being the Gift of faith and also of Miracles working through me, as a servant of the Lord. They stood. I laid hands on each one and each one began to speak in other tongues. The days of miracles are still with us even today. Our God is the God of heavenly miracles. These were different miracles but I had to mention them – as it was also with Muslims.

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