Although today the church numbers very many millions, even billions, when one includes every branch of Christendom that apostolic lustre is missing.. Of course, that is not the Ecclesia but rather the various denominations. There could be in the denominations, an excessive number of adherents with a vast minority in the Ecclesia. The Eccleslia of the days of the apostles had a wondrous lustre. One just has to read the book of Acts and the variety of what are called ‘Lost Books’ of the New Testament to understand this. We think of the Acts of the Apostles, Those of Philip, Peter, John, even the odd writing from the period just following Jesus’ ascension into heaven. There is the wondrous true and documented story of Paul and Thecla that woman apostle who in reality exceeded Paul in ministry and spiritual power with being translated. This is despite all the ministry, writing of letters and miracles with churches he began. Satan ensured that these books went missing, lost or thrown out by the dozen as they were. He is the enemy of Christ and His true followers, the Ecclesia. He attacked the churches of the New Testament in more ways than one and his attacks increased as time went by. Nevertheless, there was a lustre in the early church that one can read about even in historical records. The persecutions produced a multitude of martyrs who considered themselves even to be called martyrs and who gladly lay down their lives for Jesus Christ. We catch the glory in the early churches throughout the whole of the New Testament alone. There was a power at work in a far greater dimension than today, being the power of the Holy Spirit Whose presence was desired and sought after. This is rather different from what we read from about A.D. 150 on until today there is a profligate church world-wide it would appear, with an absence of the Holy Spirit of the power of Pentecost. As well, heresies, wrong doctrines, an emphasis on Israel, on a supposed Great Tribulation of seven years and a millennium on earth that was entirely missing in that early Apostolic Church. Yes, entirely missing from the ministries of the apostles and their next generation or two of further leaders. May we catch a vision of Jesus, of Christ, that they had, of His power of His being with and among them, of His Holy Spirit power filling so many. ‘Get the glory, get the glory’, could be our song. The glory of the Lord is over a partial Ecclesia and Truth among the remainder of the Ecclesia. The world, the flesh and the devil play a major part in the rest as a good look and listen conveys.

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