Paul speaks much about such people who were in the churches which he, Timothy and Titus were involved with. Neither Paul nor Peter, believed or held to Judeo-Christian. With them as they had received in doctrines from Jesus, it was just Christian. The gospel of Jesus Christ is Christian and has nothing to do with any kind of Judaism past or present. Most people in our churches think it does. Whole countries of believers so-called, follow Judaism that is strong in their gathertings. Many denominations, e.g. Assemblies of God, Baptist, Charismatic, Fundamental, are given over to Judaism. We are to gather together to Jesus and His gospel. This is the gospel Jesus gave to Paul. It is the gospel by which the whole world will be judged. Therefore what will the judgment be on all of these millions of Chritians on the mission fields, in many countries where almost 100% 0f so-called fallowers of Christ worship? Judaism and are followers of Judeo-Christianity. Christians in the Book of Acts were called Christians – first in Antioch. Could that be a reason Eastern Orthodox Churches, e.g. Syrian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, do not think they are Judeo-Christian? We must take another look at our doctrines. We must have the right doctrine of Jesus Christ. Judgment is ahead for all of us. And where do these Judaistic doctrines come from? Way back to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel – Babylon. Judgment fell on the people building the Tower. We could look at the Book of Jasher, mentioned in our Old Testaments and the Book of Jubilees, both having been removed from Holy Writ. However the Book of Jasher is not mentioned in the Septuagint. It is called the Book of the Righteous. I have a copy of the Book of Jasher. It is definitely a book compoed while the Jews were in captivity in Babylon The Hebrew has no dots so it did not come into being after that date as the Masoretes added dots. The Book of Jasher uses some of our Old Testament content. However, most of it is definitely a concoction. Wikipedia says it is Rabbinical and the Septuagint did not have any influence from the Rabbis. It states that there is use of the words Yeshua, and that Yeshua is Joshua meaning Yahweh is salvation. That is most incorrect and an installation of Yahweh instead of The I Am That I Am or of The Lord. Joshua is in actuality, similar to Jesus as its formation is identical to the Iesous of the Greek New Testament, from which we have in English, Jesus. Therefore the name Jesus has no connection with that of Joshua which they claim. Another big deception for Christians, as is the urge to study ‘Hebrew’ from that source. This Hebrew is not the Hebrew of Moses but is the Hebrew begun in Babylon during the Captivity of Judah. As that great Methodist Scholar Clarke has written, as in one of my videos, our Old Testament is a commentary as their Babylonian Hebrew manuscripts had material added by the Rabbis. On perusal of the Book of Jasher, one is astounded at the stories and most of it can never be dicovered even in the pages of the King James Version of the Old Testament – which English translations of that Hebrew do follow. There are major errors of truth contained in Jasher. Samuel did not write it. Samuel did indeed write the two books of Samuel, until his death. In the Septuagint, the books of Samuel are named Kingdom. One has to be appalled at the deception imposed upon all of those who know there are Lost Books of the Bible and many would consider Jasher is one. It decidedly is not. The deception against true Christians is immense. One can only state the belief that the Book of Jasher is a fanciful concoction of mystical and is not the truth. It never could be part of Holy Scriptures. Therefore, it is better for believers to follow the Septuagint of the Greek that is the Study Bible of Greek Orthodoxy. The Orthodox Church is not deceived in regard to the Book of Jasher as they did not include it in their Canon.

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