I have attended churches all of my life and spoken with hundreds of Pastors. Not once did I hear a word about the historical fact that Jerusalem fell to the Romans. No one spoke of this most important even in the history of Israel. Such a judgment is foretold by Jesus in the gospels. John in the Book of Revelation was there seeing it all happen. EBR is the best translation that shows it most clearly that: ‘I came to be, in Spirit in the Lord’s Day and heard, behind me, a loud voice, as of a trumpet’. The Day of the Lord was about judgment on Israel first and foremost. This judgment included judgment on the Rome by whose hand the Son of Man effected judgment on Israel. 99% of churches in the West and missionary countries disregard entirely, the turhts of the Book of Revelation. They follow the teaching of Ribera and LaConza, Jesuit Cryptos, who introduced ‘End Times’ and ‘The Rapture’. Until they did, no one followed such. It came to us in the West through John Nelson Darby, follower of the ‘mysteries’, Exclusive Brethren’ in 1828 who copied them. He was sent by Rothschilds to USA to convert the christians, Schofield also being used, so that these doctrines of demons could infect the whole of such churches. It did so, except for Presbyterians and a few others. ‘Hundreds of millions and whole nations, are under the Talmud and Kabbala, thinking their favored ‘people of God’ (who are not) follow the Old Testament of the Old Tetament given to us – which O.T. also has been contaminated. The Septuagint of the Greek Orthodox, is the purest we have as to what was originally written in Moses’ Hebrew and not in present day Masoretic Hebrew.

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