These are not ‘Jews’. ‘Daystar’ T.V., purportedly being Evangelical/Charismatic, had a preaacher with the Ark of the Covenant on the platform. He said, ‘We are waiting for the coming of the Messiah and the return of Jesus. the Ark of the Covenant has been missing for many centuries, probably since the time of Hebuchadnezzar. It is claimed to be in the country of Ethiopia, taken there by the son of Solomon and Queen of Sheba. Heb.9:9 ‘That was only a type, to continue down to the present time (when the book of Herews was written, 1 st cent. A.D.). v.11 ‘But when Christ came, he appeared as High Priewt of that Better Order which was “established”.’ The Old with its Ark of the Cvoenant is no more forever. They were only ‘copies of the heavenkly realities’. Tbis Channel and Preacher and all viewers who agree, are not under the grace of the gospel but still ignorantly worshipping a God of the Old Covenant that has finished. As for His return it is for this purpose and never as Messiah to any Jew but only for believers who look for Him: ‘He was offered up once and for all, to “bear away the sin of many”; and the second time he will appear – but without any burden of sin – “for those who are waiting for him, to bring their Salvation (to ascend and be in heaven with Him forever)’. Unbelieving Jews will all miss out as will the world of sinners without Christ. This is heresy and doctrines of devils on that T.V Channel.

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