Pilate ended up a believer. These believers had been martyred in a fashion as described. This link will show you the horrors of those facing martyrdom through the Roman Games: http://www.livescience.com/53615-horr… Did you know that thee are historical records of the doings and sayings of Pilate? It appears that after the crucifixion and resurrection that Pilate went to the Temple. He had Roman authority and so when he called together the rulers, scribes and doctors they obeyed. He commanded all the gates to be shut and then told them he knew they possessed a book that was a holy book. It was the Old Testament and Pilate desired to know if it contained any references to the Jesus who had been crucified. There was an admission by them that despite their former doubts and His crucifixion that He may have been the One about whom prophecies had been made. He could have been the One for whom they had looked. This visit by Pilate is recorded in at least one book, written by Nicodemus and that was part of the original New Testament. It is fascinating to read and to hear. There are many books missing from both our Old Testaments and New Testaments. We have not been given the whole story in the Bible we hae been using all of our lives – precious as it is. Many scholars today know this but little is done about it in our churches.. It is time some of us were recipients of the wonderful truths church theologians have omitted to tell us for many centuries.

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