Ephesian believers in Christ, heard, the word of truth, re salvation , in Whom, after believing, were sealed, with Holy spirit of Promise – the same Promise as in Acts 1:4. Both Israelites (Judeans) as remnant in Acts 2 and then Gentiles starting with Peter’s Cornelius until today are given the Promise of the Father. Sealed is: set apart; a seal or mark; by impress of a seal or stamp in order to prove or attest and authenticate; stamp for preservation’; secured, with right of inheritance; marked and authenticate as God’s heritage. They were sealed unto the day of redemption. It was the earnest of the Spirit as a pledge, down payment; given the earnest of the Spirit as pledge or down payment. It is of the same nature as heaven. It was the first fruits. Peter preached the Promise, Luke wrote it as being baptised; Paul always says and writes it is The Seal. We also should speak and preach it as the Seal. He taught having the seal meant the base of a power-filled ecclesia as in 1 Corinthians 12-14; it guaranteed redemption of the body, until then healing through the gifts of the Spirit; in the Spirit was the way of worship and prayer. Believers without the seal have tasted of the waters of eternal life. The have not tasted of the ‘powers of the age to come’ and need to. How much can we grow in grace without the seal, because it brings dunamis, the power to be strengthened in the inner man, Christ dwelling within, to be filled with all the fullness of God, By this dunamis or power, working within us and always in the power of prayer in other tongues, God is able to do exceeding abundantly above more than we can ask or think. Oh, to be thirsty and hungry for this power working within day after day.

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