Jesus Christ will present to His Father after time has ceased and eternity begun, a glorious Ecclesia, without spot or wrinkle. She consists of those who have been purified internally by the renewing of the spirit, that new creation in Christ Jesus within each true believer in Jesus Christ. The old life passed away when we because new creatures. The old passions, notions and affections have been replaced by those new fruits of righteousness and true holiness. We have created within us, a new nature, which was created according to God’;s image. What a wonder and a joy to contemplate on this. This new nature is in me, in you, who believe in Christ and live in union with Him within. This is the Ecclesia for whom Jesus Christ died and rose again in His act of atonement for her sin. She was washed with the water of the word. Never can it be said, She was washed with the water of baptism! The washing is spiritual and within each person of the new creation. This Ecclesia is ‘The Israel of God’. The Old Testament Israel was never ‘The Israel of God’. Her peopled never did become new creations in Christ Jesus or were in union with Jesus Christ. The Old Testament people of Israel never did have said of them: ‘Jesus Christ has loved us and has freed us from our sins by His blood;.’ There is no such thing as Replacement Theology. It is a misnomer used by millions who reject what the Bible does say about the O.T. Israel and sadly it must be said, who gather to themselves ‘teachers according to their own lust – who will tickle their ears’.

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