It is a human characteristic (or old man nature) to love rhe Law. This in spite of the fact that believers are ‘not under Law but under grace’ as in Romans. ‘Free from the Law, Oh, happy condition, Jesus has died And there is remission Christ has redeemed us once for all’. To many, the Lsw becomes a puzzle. The reason is that we are influenced by preachers, books, and even our own lack of diligent seeking of the Scriptures as well as, alas, our blindness of eyes and hardness of heart -as Jesus upbraided His disciples concerning another matter on one occasion. Satan does not want us to know Truth. Jesus wants us to follow His truth. The truth is that the Law finished as it was there for Israel only and it was for that nation ‘to lead them to Christ’. The Law and the Prophets were there ‘until John and after that, the kingdom of heaven is preached’ said Jesus in Luke 16.

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