This is the final video regarding the Sermon on the Mount, or the Beatitudes, Matthew 5-7. Some believers think Jesus Christ was forbidding any judgment. His meaning was that we are not to rashly or harshly make a judgment in relation to others or even certain ministry of others in our midst. Why, we are to even judge ourselves. We as a local ecclesia when necessary are to pass judgment on certain actions of some particular believer. This must not be done rashly but wisely, with spiritual discernment and even to the extent of sending a brother away. He could then repent, such obviously being the reason for his being sent. Spiritual believers with Spirit-ual discernment are to prove all things, to test them. Such do not rise above Pastors and indeed Pastors are to act with them in holiness. If it is a sinning Pastor, believers have the right to make a judgment and speak of his guilt. He then should be sent away. That is the reason the expression is used: ‘Lay your hands suddenly on no man’. We are to put all things to the proof, privately and if necessary, in concert with others. We are to judge whether a spirit in a person is of the Lord or otherwise. This kind of heavenly based wisdom is necessary in our churches and thus in us therein.

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