This is a quotation from the O.T. Zephaniah 3. The Prophet there speaks of the remnant of Israel not doing iniquity,, speaking lies nor having a deceitful tongue. This daughter of Zion is to shout joyfully – because the Redeemer has come. He, the Lord is in her midst – ‘in that day’. This latter expression always speaks of the day of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven and of God. In that day, the Lord God among them is said to be powerful. He will save, He will take joyful delight in them and He would celebrate with singing. All this was prophetic of the Spiritual Israel that began on the Day of Pentecost, the redeemed who have been made a kingdom, priest for his God and Father. This portion we learn from Revelation 1:6 and there it is applicable to both Israelite and Gentile who are in the seven churches of Asia, to which that Book is addressed. When we consider the Might of the Lord in the midst throughout the Book of Acts, we see this Powerful Lord in the midst by the Acts of the Holy Ghost through the apostles. The new believers could see the miracles and experience them, that were evidence of the powers of the age to come being on hand there and there for their participation. Miracles everywhere, among first the Hebrews who were given the gospel with signs following through gifts of the Holy Ghost and then to the multitude of Gentiles in their beginning, their number destined to grow whereas the small number of a remnant from Israel would totally cease. The Lord was in the midst with power and might. The voice of Zephaniah would cease in the first century. The Lord ceased to be in the midst with the gifts of the Holy Ghost, His method of manifestation and working, as in 1 Cor.12-14. This cessation was due to unbelief, the entrance of Judaism in force and the consequent curse of not following totally the gospel of Jesus Christ as conveyed from Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles. It does exist today in a minor way. This could be said to have begun again during the 1800s in different countries – U.S.A., India and possibly others unknown generally. We must ask ourselves. ‘If I am a preacher of the gospel, if I attend any group, church, denomination or otherwise, can it be said our experience is ‘The Lord in the midst is Mighty, is Powerful – according to the book of Acts and Corinthians, even Hebrews?’ If not, should we not hunger and thirst for this Righteousness to be displayed in our ministry, our groups, our gatherings, our places, and if not what should ‘I’ do? It does become personal and individual because each one of us will stand personally and alone before the Judgment Seat of Christ where we have to give account of ourselves and where rewards are given to some and the rest do not receive those rewards? How terrible if we must hear words of reproof and sorrow because of our failure here – on that future day when Eternity has dawned and we have put on immortality.

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