The image of Daniel 2 shows its fall by the Stone coming against the last one, which is the legs with its feet and ten toes.- ‘Its legs were iron and its feet were partly iron and partly clay. … a white stone struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and ground them to powder’, 2:33,34 Septuagint (correct translation as against other Eng. ones). Jesus and the disciples used this Greek translation. Thus the Roman Empire ends. The stone of course is Christ and His gospel with its believers. They are now in place not hindered by the four empires of the image, the Roman having incorporated in its terrible evil idolatries, all those of the former three, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek. Such idolatries died out then and have never existed unti this time. Total idolatry will never leave the world until Jesus comes and destroys it. So in Revelation 16:7 bowls of wrath are poured out all to do with the destruction of this Babylon, this Rome, its Caesars and the Roman Empire.

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