This Babylon is definitely not ‘Jews Who Are Not Jews’. It is not a Rome of a revived Roman Empire. A consideration of previous chapters will indicate that a major point is God will exact vengeance on the martyrs of that period. The martyrdoms would occur ‘very shortly’ – not millennia ahead. That is a mistake that thwarts comprehension. We desire to know to strongly, our times and our future. If God has not told us why should we? He has not in any detail, at all. As for a double fulfilment of this Book, that is unreasonable and unscriptural. The Jews have not been Christianity’s only enemy. After the Roman Empire finished, a major enemy of Christianity in the West itself, was the R.C. Church, then with its Jesuits. Christianity was widely spread throughout Asia. until the Mongols wiped out millions and destroyed the books. This also was done to the Byzantine Empire. Syria had been a major force in its spread of Christianity – even down to Kerala, India about 3rd century A.D. The Moslems killed hundreds of millions of Christians (so-called). and destroyed literature. So many of the Bible mss were destroyed. Our ideas are formed from the pulpits, our preachers; books and all with a scanty knowledge of history. I confess I myself am pursuing a course of gaining more and more knowledge of such. Christians by the millions, over the centuries have been martyred. So why are we concentrating our thoughts on an end time for our generation in the face of all the atrocities endured already? We have been dependent on the R.C. Church, its doctrines and theologies for centuries until Luther. He was a Rosicrucian it seems and not the evangelistic person we imagine from our knowledge of Christians and evangels of our day. Let us adhere to what the book of Revelation tells us. It was about the martyrs of the Roman Empire that ceased arouond A.D.376. The Barbarians brought about its downfall. It had to fall as God decreed. We really do have a tapestry of unreadable and unknown designs in relation to all of the history of the Church from A.D.33 or so until now. We must discover true facts. God does avenge specially when prayers are made by the martyrls as they enter heaven. Let us have the heavenly view always. The earthly one shows us collectively and personally no hope whatsoever. Our hope remains to be in the coming of the Lord Jesus in the clouds of heaven – Maranatha. Nevertheless, we must know the truth and throw out the deceptions we all inherit and acquire. We are on that path, praise the Lord.

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