‘Einstein’s instrumental role in the Zionist agenda and the fact that he was treasonous to his own people and despised Europeans. We look at the Freemason Coudenhove-Kalergi’s founding ideology of the European Union and the banking moguls who funded an explicit plan to weaken the European people, lift up the so-called masterful and morally superior Jewish people, and fulfill the ancient messianic prophecy of world rule as declared in the Talmud and Kabballah. Christopher points to other pseudo-Christian kabbalists like Isaac Newton who were instrumental in promoting the Christian Zionist movement. He explains the implications of the concept of “as above, so below” in relation to the psychological, technical and religious warfare that has been unleashed by Jews to propagate political movements designed to quickly bring forth prophetic conditions. Further, Bjerknes emphasizes how the current rise of Islam in Europe is part of an ancient plan to annihilate Christians via the Muslim hand. We consider how Whites have been programmed with the belief of their original sin, and how Islamic teachings justify and encourage the mass raping and slaughter of “white devils.” Later, we look at the infiltration of Zionist interests within the US White House,’ For this view: http://www.zengardner.com/61735-2/ The Battle of Armaggedon is on. This is symbolism. Christ is to come as a thief in the night but this part surely is an interpolation. Is it possible for there to be a future Armaggedon? Rev.16:10 – There is a voice from the Temple in heaven. The voice of God it would seem. Tacitus, a Roman historian has recorded that before the Temple in Jerusalem fell, a voice there proclaimed, ‘We are departing from here’. Now in v.10 God’s wrath from heaven is poured out on earth. LXX Jer. 7:20 ‘My wrath and anger will be poured out from this place’; Lamentations 4:11 ‘He poured out His furious anger’. The angels begin to pour from heaven. Such is symbolic. The effects remind us of Exodus 9:8-12 where the Egyptians suffered such boils. Now it is to be upon the idolaters of Caesar’s Empire. Then death, a symbol of the wrath of God. Doubtless in the near future death again would rear its head as formerly in Revelation it appeared in the form of grey. There was the angel of the waters. 1 Enoch clearly shows there are angels in charge of natural elements, stars, winds etc. Here it is of waters. In Egypt they had become blood, literally. This is now a ‘Day of Lord’ meaning judgment as in Amos 5:20. Rev. 16 again v. there is Armageddon. As is shown in the video this Armageddon is to be as God has planned. An Anti-Christ? Wll he be there? Who is this Anti-Christ? You will see this Anti-Christ has been a long time in coming! To find out where the old people are today, and if there are any go to

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