This is the sceond epochal event and is yet to be. Because hundreds of millions of Christians have followed, even unknowingly, the doctrines of a heretic regarding the End Times, they remain unaware of what the Scriptures actually teach. What did Jesus say? That remains the basis of what we should be believing. In 1828, John Nelson Darby, god-child of Admiral Lord Nelson of the Battle of Trafalgar, came forth with what he said was a revelation. He lied about that. He propunded a doctrine that had been set out in a book by a Jesuit Roman Catholic Monk of the sixteenth century. All this is in my book, ‘End Times and Israel’ on line for free down-loading. We followed his beliefs in various forms due to the fact that he, who had established the Exclusive Brethren that had the Plymouth Brethren as a break-away went over to the USA several times. He was sent across by the Jewish British East India Company. Immediately we should hear the alert signal! Why did they do that? Because they were behind his doctrines that followed certain of their Jewish myths. Jesus warned against them, Paul did and so did Peter – if you read the Parables and search ‘fables’ in the KJV Epistles. Main leaders and churches over the years accepted his views that were really doctrines of demons. I followed them for years as I with all the others was brain-washed. Gradually the Scriptures themselves showed me the beginnings of the truth that increased to a fair amount of knowledge of such over the years. Why dont you watch and search the scriptures and truth for yourself?

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