‘SALVATION & THE SPIRIT FOR JEW & GENTILE’ – (English/Tamil) Dr. Irene Bonney Faulkes

This is for the Jew (by descent or religion) first. It is for the rest. It is for you. What do you know about it? Very much? Or just not enough? You can know more. Watch this video. Simeon held the Babe, salvation. It is the person of Jesus. He is the light of the Gentiles. He is the Glory of Israel. Glory is heavenly. He could never reign as king on the earth. His kingdom is heavenly. Joel showed salvation was by calling on the name of the Lord. He prophesied God was going to pour out His Spirit. It would be upon His servants. They would prophesy, have Spirit-ual dreams and Holy Ghost given visions. At the time of the outpouring, that happened on the day of Pentecost God would send judgement on Israel. The Holy Spirit was poured out around AD33. Judgement fell on Israel, Jerusalem, with the Temple being completely destroyed by AD70. At that time spectacular and terrible events occurred with the Jews as the Great Tribulation. Most of the Christian Jews fled Jerusalem and escaped as Jesus said to do in Luke 21:21. This is history but rarely preached.

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