You will find truth about Israel, Jews, Zionism, Christian Zionism, Judaism in America’s ‘Veterans Today’ http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/01/… ‘God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of Christ my Lord’, said Paul who had been a Pharisaic Jew. All believers, former Jews, Messianic Jews and converted Gentiles cannot glory in what they may naturally be. ‘There is neither Hebrew nor Gentile in Christ’. We are all at the same level in Christ if we follow the Truth of the Gospel. Had Paul followed the Talmud from Babylon? He says none are to follow Jewish myths, Tit.1:14. He obviously had followed Pharisaic Gnosticism, that John condemned as being anti-Christ. Such people are not our brethren in Christ. They hate Christ and His Gospel. This is the Mystery of Iniquity that was operating when Paul wrote to the Thessalonians. It is still at work. Indeed it is a mystery to us all. We need to look into what each verse of Scripture really says. Hundreds of millions of us have been deceived by doctrines of demons in our churches. We need to look again and scrutinize verses to ensure our doctrines are fully supported by what the New Testament says. God did not specifically speak to Christians and Messianic Jews in the New Testament. He spoke to the Hebrew fathers by the prophets. In these last days, the Gospel age of the N.T. He has spoken to us all in Son, Heb. 1:1,2. Now are you shocked? As I have been? Have another look at the doctrine of end times and see if you can really find it all in the N.T. We cannot! Why do Christians back a nation whose majority are not true descendants of Abraham? Normally we would detest war crimes against a people whose land was dispossessed. God help us all. We love and would evangelize all those who call themselves Jews. go to http//lamthewitnss.com/audio/Benjamin.H.Freed The church has been bewitched as in Gal. 3. This frenetic idolatry of Israel has kept us from following fully the truth of the cross of Christ. Thus we have listened to Jewish myths. The witchery extends to the Western secular world. Madness has taken over. The myths of Jews who are not Jews are derived from the Babylonian Talmud, that is now the Law of present Israel. as these people do not follow the O.T. as we think. They want control of the world and they are Anti-Christ, Babylon the great, that will fall after which we will be at the marriage supper of the Lamb. We do not know the time. Evolution is the science fiction arising out of Einstein. It is all Anti-Christ, Anti-God of the Biblical Israel, anti-christian believer, anti-true church and for the world and Satan. A dying Baptist Minister was on Bill O’Brien, Fox News, as saying the U.S. is doomed. Christians have allowed (Zionist Jews) to take over the country. They follow evil, have intruded into Christian Churches in their hatred of Jesus Christ. Oh, Church, arise, put off your evil association and love of them and Israel. They sat they are the Messiah. Our Christian Messiah is Jesus. ‘If any come to you and bring not the doctrine of Christ do not receive him (them) into your house, 1 Jn.10:10 – neither give them money! Jesus was not a Jew. He was a Nazarene and Galilean. Son of David. go to http://iamthewitness.com/audio/Benjam… Most truth is found on site of a Jew who converted to Christ from Jewry, thru a New Testament given by a ‘Jesus Freak or People’ a few decades ago. Mosr informative and has abearing on what Peter and Paul taught in Holy Bible : realjewnews.com Excerpts from a long letter from Benjamin Freedman (left) to David Goldstein, LL.D. dated October 10, 1954. Freedman (1890-1984) had been part of the American Zionist inner circle but, like Goldstein, converted to Christianity. The complete letter appeared in a pamphlet entitled “Facts are Facts.” (Excerpts by Henry Makow) The utterance by the Christian clergy which confuses Christians the most is the constantly repeated utterance that “Jesus was a Jew.” … That misrepresentation and distortion of an incontestable historic fact is uttered by the Christian clergy upon the slightest pretext…. .. In the time of Pilate, there was no religious, racial or national group in Judea known as “Jews” nor had there been any group so identified anywhere else in the world prior to that time. Pontius Pilate expressed little interest as the administrator of the Roman Empire officially or personally in the wide variety of forms of religious worship then practiced in Judea. These forms of religious worship extended from phallic worship and other forms of idolatry to the emerging spiritual philosophy of an eternal, omnipotent and invisible Divine deity, the emerging Yahve (Jehovah) concept which predated Abraham of Bible fame by approximately 2000 years. …

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