Jerusalem is called the Harlot by Jeremiah more than once. All Scripture is to be interpreted by other Scripture and not by theologians. So ‘Harlot’ in the Book of Revelation can only be Jerusalem. The harlot is identified as the city ‘where our Lord was crucified’.That is very plain. Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of God and of heaven. The end of God’s natural kingdom of Israel was in sight. A new kingdom was in view. It was being established by the Christ of God. God had formed old Israel but now here is a new one called ‘The Israel of God’, Gal.6:16. John the Baptist came before Jesus, as the Forerunner. As Jesus said, the Law and the Prophetsw were until John. All the natural prophecies regarding nations surrounding Israel, the cities and kings, had been fulfilled by that time, as historians do also testify to this. The Thessalonians thought just before A.D.57 that the judgment foretold had fallen. They were in Asia Minor, a few days’ journey by boat/land from Jerusalem. False letters and false brethren had declared it so. Paul wrote and said, ‘No it cannot happen until the Mystery of Iniquity and that Wicken (One) is revealed. He was shown to be such in the person of Nero, ‘one of the most infamous who ever lived, worshipped as a god (Sun god). He committed suicide after many murders, in A.D.68. For years those in the churches of all the world of the Roman Empire, considered he had een ‘that wicked’. Quite different from our present theologians? His name counted as 666. They knew then they were then in a spiritual battle and expected not a natural battle of Arnageddon to come as many hope for today. They looked for the coming of the Lord, Maranatha as we are to do. Martyrdom was often their lot from the Lord. They suffered but knew they would then be with the Lord Jesus, oh blessed hope. The early chapters of Revelation are all about the earthly church scenes, seven, the great tribulation, that happened later in Israel and Jerusalem. This is the position we take after seeing the importance of viewing matters as first natural, then the spiritual. Also we do follow certain scholars in this. Chapter 18 sees Babylon, i.e. Jerusalem, falling. The believers knew John in his apocalyptical style gave pictures of events at their doors. The Romans besieged Jerusalem, Isaiah 1:21, Jerusalem the Harlot, for three and a half years. Josephus and Taciturns give historical accounts of many events. Such are horrible atrocities the Jews inflicted on each other and what the Romans did as a result of the Jewish revolt and refusal to accept their mercy. Eldersheim is also a good source. We must not follow Jewish myths specially drawn from their Talmud or Kabbala to ‘work out’ Revelation For us to do what the Jews of Jesus’ time did, i.e. to believe for a millennium reign with them and their Messiah ruling the nations, is tantamount to following Jewish myths. To take e.g., a meaning of the ‘Seals’ in the early chapters, with that millennial/Great Tribulation/Rapture theory in mind, is to take them out of their setting. That is the Jerusalem and Israel of the days of the seven churches – ‘things that are soon to happen’. They were not meant to happen in our generations.. So we must flee from such and do as commaned believers in that day, ‘Come out of her, My people’. Leave those Judaists behind. I will save you. He did save them because they obeyed Jesus and fled from the city when there was a break in the siege. Those early believers knew they had already come, as we have, says Hebrews, ‘To Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem, to the city of God’. The scenes of time have their ending for the future. The Lord comes. The bride is taken up, mortality puts on imortal bodies as habitations for their already perfected spirits in Christ. John sees the Holy City descending in glory to a new heaven and a new earth.

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