One can only hope that many Christians come to know the truth regarding ‘Prophecy’ as now studied by most and also for present day End Time doctrines that abound.All such have their origin with John Nelson Darby, as I truly have known for 75 years and followed much for fifty. He, aristocrat, god-child of Lord Nelson, the ‘Establishment’ in England, into which many Jewesses were married off to ‘Lords’. Darby read two books by Jesuits of previous times, from which he said he had ‘a revelation’, 1828, basis of present End Time materiel. It was a ‘plant’ to lead Christians astray from Satan whom such people follow. By the grace of God over a long period, we have been freed to know one would judge, at least 99% of all we preach is now the Truth – many years’involved. This video caps it all as being the truth of Daniel, Matt.24, 23,25; Lk.21; Mk.13 and Revelation – all being totally connected if one really looks at all of the Scriptures. So do please look at them all and see what the Holy Spirit has done through Daniel, Jesus, and John. It is truly wonderful and wholly one subject about them all. The Lord bless us all with Truth, open eyes and an unhardened heart so as to perceive His ways.

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